Introduction (we are updating our website)

The kind of problems that appear in the current socio-technological context associated to intelligent systems presents two relevant characteristics: dynamism and uncertainty.

This new reality leads to a strong need for new methods and models that can cope with the dynamism and the uncertainty in all or some of the parts of the problems at hand.

Our research is focused on how the tools that Soft Computing provides can be used to obtain such methods and models. On one hand, the tools provided by fuzzy logic are specially fitted to deal with uncertainty. On the other hand, many concepts originated on the field of metaheuristics are perfect to deal with problems where time takes an important part.

This site has two main aims:

  1. To recopilate all the relevant information in the area and tag it according to the following structure:

    In this way, the interested researchers can locate the papers that are related to the specific interests they have.
  2. To provide here the methods, programs and results we produce in order to facilitate the replication of our experiments.


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